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Tal Shochat - Eshkolit (Grapefruit)

A beautifully vivid review in The New Yorker about artist Tal Shochat's Tree series: "The Israeli photographer’s pictures have a stylized, storybook quality. Shot against pitch-black backdrops and lit like monuments, solitary trees are isolated from the landscape, emphasizing their power as symbols of abundance, endurance, and fertility. Grapefruit, pomegranate, peach, and persimmon trees, photographed at the peak of their growing cycles, are so laden with fruit that they look artificial. It’s a set designer’s version of Eden—extravagantly bountiful but oddly unnatural."



50" x 2" x 54"


Contemporary Israeli



Call for pricing

Contact Shulamit Nazarian at (310) 281-0961.


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