Splatters Against the Pandemic
Splatter painting is a great quarantine option, at least if you have the luxury of that extra room or a large backyard. The mess left around the edges tends to evolve into better art than you are likely to see in the play area. ... more
Tod Bailey
Tod Bailey's brand of figuration possesses a sense of urgency that exudes exceptional emotional and sexual energy. ... more

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Lawn Art The monotony of pandemic mornings is both comforting and boring. But boredom is the soil in which creative thoughts... more

Cultural Tensions in the High Desert Never an easy place to get comfortable in, the Joshua Tree area has nonetheless drawn artists and other creatives for ye... more

Final Thoughts on Donald Trump Now that President Elect Biden has been certified, nothing would satisfy many of us more than to see the current preside... more

Dakota Noot
While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many to feel depressed or exasperated from isolation and boredom, Dakota Noot has... more

The Oakland Art Scene: In Place
In an overview of the late-pandemic condition of the East Bay gallery scene, DeWitt Cheng finds that many are faring bet... more

Quiet “Violet Protest” Art Counters Noise of Hyperpartisan Era
Ann Norton centers the voices of artists and others through a participatory art engagement called “Violet Protest.... more

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