On the Passage of a Few People through a Rather Brief Period of Time
The exhibition “On the Passage of a Few People. . . .” showcases art with socially and politically oriented themes. At its center is Mary Kelly, whose artwork joins feminism to psychoanalysis and who is represented here by "WLM Demo Remix." ... more
Gwen Hardie
Gwen Hardie's square formatted paintings at first appear to be minimalist monochrome throwbacks. But they are actually rich in color. ... more

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Traditions, Honoring Heritage, Ritual, and Family “Traditions, Honoring Heritage, Ritual, and Family” presents two dozen artists of color who have roots in So... more

“Six Scenes from Our Future” “Six Scenes from Our Future” is a disparate response to a historic show on the occasion of the institution&r... more

Fighting: Ukrainian War Photographers  “Fighting: Ukrainian War Photographers” confronts the breadth of conflict through the lens of 16 Ukrainian ... more

Nancy Youdelman
Involvement with costuming and storytelling in the early 1970s led Nancy Youdelman to create a significant body of photo... more

David Fertig, “Paintings and Pastels”
David Fertig's "Paintings and Pastels" are small, poetic works that are nearly all based on the Napoleonic wars of 1803-... more

Ardent Mystics
"Ardent Mystics'" includes three artists: Morris Graves is the historic, trendsetting mystic; Letha Wilson and Mariah Ro... more


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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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