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Thank you for purchasing one of the VAS marketing services. There are different levels of advertising for your gallery on the VAS website designed to meet your needs and budget. They include alterations and additions to your gallery’s Basic Listing as well as the ability to utilize any of the following: Email Announcement Service, website Click-through Banners and Tiles, Newsletter Sponsorship, Weekly Update Sponsorship, and other special offers.

1. You must be logged-in to your account in order to make a purchase. You will not be able to proceed with the following steps unless you log in under your assigned venue's Username (your email address) and Password. A temporary password was emailed to you which we suggest you change to ensure maximum security. When you are logged in it will let you know at the top of each page.

2. Scroll to the bottom menu on the VAS homepage. Click the “Member Services” link found in the “Services” column.

3. Advertising options available on VAS are listed under the green tab titled,  “Product Categories.”  Please select the type of service you are interested in purchasing.

4. After a selection has been made on the left side of the page, a variety of services will appear on the right side with descriptions and rates. Click on the “add” button with the shopping cart icon to add the preferred option to your shopping cart.

5. After making a selection, you will see contents of your shopping cart. You then have the opportunity to “Return to Catalogue” to continue shopping, if you have added a second item or deleted an item then you should update your cart and proceed to the “Check Out” to finalize your purchase. Be sure to add in your discount code if you have one.

6. Please enter all your information as instructed.

7. You will receive confirmation of your purchase.

8. All orders must be confirmed by VAS before they are effective. Most orders will be authorized within 24 hours on business days.

If you have any questions please call us at (818) 456-0435 or email us at memberservices@visualartsource.com

Thank You.

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