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Andrea Joki and John Westmark
Gebert Contemporary, Scottsdale, Arizona
Recommendation by Deborah Ross

Andrea Joki, "Head Hole," 2015, oil and acrylic on linen, 72 x 60". Courtesy of Gebert Contemporary

Continuing through April 1, 2017

Patterns mean two entirely different things for Andrea Joki and John Westmark, as is evident in this joint exhibition. Joki creates geometric abstractions exploring horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines in patterns; while Westmark’s mixed media paintings make use of actual paper garment patterns.

Joki’s attention to patterns results in hard-edge parallel lines turned into lattices or weavings mixed with patches and drips of paint. The combination not only sets up a dialogue between the foreground and background, but also intimates movement and rhythm. One of the four large-scale works on view is “Head Hole,” in which precise, string-like applications of paint create a reverberating diamond pattern on top of vertical lines. Interrupting the array are hints of turquoise, black, white and red.

Westmark is concerned with re-appropriating symbols of women’s work — store-bought paper sewing patterns — into commentary on feminine strength and rebellion against conformity. The parchment-like paper is applied to the canvas — sewing instructions, scissor icons, dashed lines and all. But Westmark customizes the text with excerpts from feminist writers. The paper is cut and assembled into the subject’s dress and even used to wrap her face. He then fleshes out the scenes by painting dark landscapes, as in "The Tall Grass," or gauzy color fields. Although their works are strikingly different, both Joki and Westmark are equally intent on strong compositions.

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