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Eric Eley
at Suyama Space, Seattle, Washington
Recommendation by Adriana Grant

Continuing through April 8, 2011

Eric Eley constructs worlds from string and wood in what feel like live sketches. The artist balances wooden pieces strung from the ceiling, with nets embellished with rough shreds of fabric. This work is delicate, precarious, and maybe more beautiful than intended. As the title, \"In Theater,\" elucidates this installation is meant to evoke the theater of war, and it employs the trappings of camouflage.

In the entranceway is an angular, pointy-nosed, wooden airplane that brings a sense of warlike aggression to the work. Unfortunately, it\'s not immediately clear the warplane is part of the installation and not a leftover from a previous exhibit or an item for sale by the adjoining shop. Nevertheless \"In Theater\" is a fine piece of construction, fascinating to walk beneath and around. The shadows it casts may be more beautiful than the work itself. But there is a certain flimsiness to it, and a decided absence of gravitas. This piece is far too pretty to evoke a war scene.

Suyama Space

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