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Christian Bonnefoi
at Riva Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
Recommendation by Deborah Ross

Christian Bonnefoi's mixed media works are all dark color and shadows, but spring out at you with a joyful energy.

Continuing through December 20, 2010

The organic forms in Christian Bonnefoi’s mixed media works seem to pop off the surface when viewed from a distance, yet adhere to the artist’s canvas when viewed close. Another artist might leave the viewer in a cloud, but French artist Bonnefoi imbues a frankness into his work that turns out to be quite inviting. Bonnefoi exhibits six pieces from his 2009-10 “Eureka.” The 6-foot-wide pieces use acrylic, cut paper and other media in collage fashion on stretched dark mesh fabric.
The improvisation of the pieces is joyful, despite the mostly dark paint and shadows. The interconnected pieces of cut paper seem to spring out from the mesh in sinuous forms resembling bird wings, fish, snakes, eggs and other elements of nature. Bonnefoi lets the viewer in on his trick: under the see-through mesh are window-pane-like stretchers. All ingredients work together - even the white walls of the gallery - to reveal shadows and depth. It’s as if the forms jump through the windowpanes to revel in the essence of painting.

Riva Yares Gallery (Scottsdale)

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