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Timothy Siciliano
Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Recommendation by Joey Veltkamp

Continuing through October 9, 2010

"Dongguan Highways Hot Pink"by Timothy Siciliano is a hallucinatory exhibition of the ancient-meets-modern landscape of the Dongguan region of China, home to the ultimate symbol of consumerism: the world's largest shopping mall (the South China Mall has stood 99% unoccupied since its opening in 2005). In these works, as a reference to the mall and the ironies of the nation that created it, we see people and animals impaled in agony/ecstasy-inducing forms of torture, spilling pink, sacrificial blood which illustrates the discordant relationship of humanity's continued environmental encroachment. "Xintai Highway Sunset Explosion" masterfully explores the sexual sadism of the day-glo generation under Buddha's watchful eye. Pink bubbles, tiny explosions, and spurting liquids all build to a dramatic climax of hedonism.

Siciliano deftly combines vintage advertising, Eastern mythology and sexual taboos, resulting in a colorful orgy of old and new. His use of pink effectively gelds the grotesque imagery and renders it impotent. Most paintings are anchored by a target, the perfect symbol to act as both a reference point in a rapidly changing society and as a Western icon for consumerism.

Catherine Person Gallery

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