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''City Zoo''
at brand 10 art space and x art, Fort Worth, Texas
Recommendation by Charissa N Terranova


Continuing through June 30, 2012

As the big-box discounting tentacles of urban sprawl continue to wriggle their way into the wilds of our sibling species, so rise the number of art exhibitions devoted to the existentialism of the animal. "City Zoo" is all about the uncertainty and emotional provocation of mammals on the furrier side of the fence.  It shows in both spaces of this original small Kunsthalle located in a revitalizing strip mall close to Fort Worth's museum district, across the I-30 in a row of warehouse spaces situated for start-up art.


In mixed media on paper, Tanya Eakins Spolans’ "Mission Accomplished" shows a hybrid apocalyptic landscape, at once seaside and mountainous, with a rooster sprawled out floating in the front. A flotilla of ships tells of the accomplished mission, but that’s one Godzilla of a rooster with which to contend. Scuba’s "Inside the Outside" is a delicate room-scale light box shaped something like a DNA helix. Mimicking the genetic stuff of life, faint graphic inscriptions of information – not molecules, but mammals interacting in everyday life – adorn its surfaces.

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