Julia Maiuri, "Mindscreen"
"Mindscreen" refers to a film practice that depicts what a character in thinking about. In her small paintings, which draw on or reflect film stills, Julia Maiuri mirrors this to deliberate about dreams and the unconscious. ... more
Marc D'Estout
Small scale sculptures by Marc D'Estout are full of both absurdist humor and elegant form that feel both melancholy and soulful. ... more

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XO Seattle The pop-up exhibition "Forest for the Trees," at the Seattle Rail Spur building, offered a portent of what is possible h... more

Alternate Realities Four of the West Coasts key abstractionists' connections and individual distinctions are succinctly revealed in "Alterna... more

Touring the Timken The refurbished Timken Museum is a jewel box of art dating from the 14th - 20th century. Liz Goldner leads us through.... more

Carlos Villa
“Worlds in Collision” examines Carlos Villa’s emergent work of the 1970s and early 1980s focused on ma... more

Shingo Francis
Immaculate geometry and illusionistic effects all meet in Shingo Francis’s “Transparent Reflection” su... more

John Geary, “Negative Sheep”
John Geary's "Negative Sheep" series of sculptures and paintings play with and pushes past cliches associated with the s... more


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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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