“were-: Nenetech Forms”
Colonizer narratives crumble amid the weight of collective mythologies, where collaborative labor has given rise to “were-: Nenetech Forms,” an exhibition exploring migration, transformation, and survival in the Sonoran Desert. ... more
Molly Vaughan
Molly Vaughan's "Project 42" takes as its subject 42 murdered transgender women of color--and dresses. ... more

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Marietta Patricia Leis Marietta Patricia Leis injects a distillation of evanescent impressions, feelings, and details of memories into ostensib... more

Francesco Clemente The venue of the Santa Monica Old Post Office and the effectiveness of Fracesco Clemente's installation highlight the Ne... more

"Frisson" With the late Richard and Jane Lang's donation of NY School art, SAM attains a leadership position for AbEx holdings.... more

Sanford Biggers
Sanford Biggers paints on quilts others have made to extract contemporary inspiration from their histories, referencing ... more

Jinie Park
The immaculate, color blocked compositions of Jinie Park may be rough hewn, but they posses a spirit of regal aloofness.... more

Peter Halley
Peter Halley's "Cell Grids" are made up of single hue square or rectangular panels joined together to form a larger work... more

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Elizabeth Turk, "Project: Look Up"
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