Art Gallery

Scott Richards Contemporary Art

373A Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Phone: (415) 788-5588

Alina Richards

Tuesday-Saturday 10-6


Centrally located at 373A Geary Street in San Francisco’s Union Square, Scott Richards Contemporary Art presents a notable collection of works by American and European Contemporary Artists. With over 20 years experience, Scott Richards offers expert advice on the contemporary art market along with personalized consulting services, guiding clients step by step thru the joys of building a noteworthy art collection. The gallery specializes in acquisitions of works by Contemporary Masters with emphasis on Op and Pop Art.


tor archer, richard anuszkiewicz, charles arnoldi, tim bavington, fernando botero, sharon core, daniel douke, sam francis, carol feuerman, dario perez flores, peter fox, sam francis, warner friedman, martin di girolamo, patrick hughes, stephen ibbott, cheryl kelley, jeremy kidd, chris kitze, roy lichtenstein, bertrand meniel, danny perkins, mel ramos, stephen perrault, robert silvers, david michael smith, victor vasarely, sheri rose warshauer, william wood, tom wesselmann, eric zammitt, eric zener


David Michael Smith
Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco, California
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David Michael Smith
Cheryl Kelley
David Michael Smith


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