Art Gallery

Peter Blake Gallery

435 Ocean Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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Phone: (949) 376-9994

Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday - Sunday, 11am-4pm; Or By Appointment


Since 1993, the Peter Blake Gallery has been a definitive source for modern and contemporary art. The gallery's program is focused on monochrome, concrete, and reductive abstraction, with an emphasis on California minimalism and Light and Space.


Lita Albuquerque, Peter Alexander, Charles Arnoldi, Stephanie Bachiero, Larry Bell, Mary Corse, Alan Ebnother, Joe Goode, James Hayward, Scot Heywood, John M. Miller, Ed Moses, Robert Sagerman, Hadi Tabatabai, Jan Maarten Voskuil, John Zinsser




Scott Heywood
Recommendation by Liz Goldner

Past Editorial

Scott Heywood
Tony Delap / Ruth Pastine
Introductions: Three Emerging Artists


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