Community Gallery

SoLA Contemporary

3718 W. Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90043

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Phone: (323) 903-5737

Peggy Sivert founder

Thurs-Sat., 11am-4pm

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South LA (SoLA) Contemporary is a nonprofit, artist-run organization that serves as a cornerstone for cultural and artistic innovation in South Los Angeles. Our goal is to advocate for change by empowering people from diverse backgrounds to take risks in their endeavors and to explore the intersection of art, culture, society and politics. Above all, SoLA Contemporary is a safe and receptive space for anyone seeking to experience the power of contemporary art.


Ray Carofano and Anita Bunn
South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Genie Davis

Past Editorial

Ray Carofano and Anita Bunn
“Dear President: An Art Show about Important American Issues”
Margaret Lazzari


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