Art Gallery

Patricia Sweetow Gallery - Dec 2014 - became Spun Smoke

2440 Telegraph Avenue
Moved to Oakland December 2014
Oakland, CA 94612

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Phone: (510) 788-5880

Patricia Sweetow

Tuesday - Friday, 11am-5:30pm; Saturday, 11am-5pm.


Kim Anno, Gale Antokal, Joachim Bandau, Heike Kati Barath, Laurenz Berges, Jonathan Burstein, Thomas Downing, Peter Dreher, Jeanne Finley, Frederick Hayes, David Huffman, John H. Muse, Ernest Jolly, Irmel Kamp, Markus Linnenbrink, Christian Nguyen, Jefferson Pinder, Bayete Ross Smith, Cornelia Schulz, Weston Teruya, Michael Toenges, Peter Tollens, Jina Valentine, Jamie Vasta,Sarah Wagner,


Joachim Bandau / Cornelia Schulz
at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, California
Review by Dewitt Cheng
The paintings of Cornelia Schulz and watercolors of sculptor Joachim Bandau defy aesthetic categories to deliv

Past Editorial

Joachim Bandau / Cornelia Schulz
Michael Hall
Kim Anno and Gail Wight


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