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Kishio Suga
Blum & Poe, Culver City, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Kishia Suga, “Gathering and Territory—S,” 1995/2017, wood, metal, dimensions variable. Photo: Joshua White/

Continuing through April 22, 2017

Kishio Suga is a Japanese artist and one of the leading figures in site specific installation and sculpture. His elegant, and in many ways magical sculptures represent a perfect harmony between natural and man-made forms. As part of a group known as Mono-ha — artists who took natural and industrial materials and arranged them in mostly unaltered, ephemeral states — Suga embraces the ephemeral nature of his endeavors with an understanding that, while his works could be recreated, they would never be the same as when originally presented. Here Suga has remade significant sculptures from the 1970-90s in addition to presenting new works. The exhibition occupies both the first and second floor galleries, where in addition to his site specific sculptures, a number of works on paper are also on view. Highlights include "Gathering and Territory—S" (1995/2017), an elegant array of large rectangular wooden frames held in place by a solid 12 x 12 beam that extends through the bottom of each form; "Differentiated Orders" (1979-2017), a large-scale black paper oval form held above the floor by numerous concrete blocks that penetrate the surface to become a three-dimensional drawing; and the amazing "Contorted Positioning" (1982/2017), in which the angles of large joined wooden beams are determined by the shape of the angles from that much smaller branches to which they are attached. 

Blum & Poe Gallery

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