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How to Bump into a Sculpture
The ironic title refers to Barnett Newman's witty put-down back in the 1950s. The point is that these artists--well, sculptors--find ways to invigorate current sculptural practice.... more
Matt Wedel
Working with porcelain and stoneware, Matt Wedel's hulking masses catch us up in their process of making.... more

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Liminal Art "Liminal," meaning between two states, worked its way into art jargon some time ago, and its aesthetic presence has made... more

When Artists Play with Fire Certain of the exhibitions in San Francisco that Richard Speer recently visited refreshed memories of the recent wildfir... more

Never Give a Inch Ken Kesey's Stamper family stubbornness makes Bill Lasarow wonder why a third of the country acts as though we never had... more

James Turell
Four of James Turrell's "Glass" works are portals, not just light and color saturated shapes, that cloak us in... more

“Selected Affinities”
"Selected Affinities" is a small group shows built around the late Allan Sekula, particularly his "Fish Story"... more

Larry Bell
Larry Bell's signature form for over half a century is the cube, and we get a whole bunch of them here. Their ... more

Frohawk Two Feathers
Frengland is a fictional colonial empire, and it serves as the aesthetic foundation for the art of Umar Rashid, aka Froh... more

“Group Therapy”
Outlandish pseudoscience of the 19th century informs the artists included in "Group Therapy', who use it to make more se... more

Jo Ann Callis
Jo Ann Callis' photography, sculptures and paintings are witty, sensual and unexpected, even after more than 40 years of... more

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