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Linda Durham Contemporary Art - Closed

1807 Second Street #107
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Phone: (505) 466-6600
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Linda Durham

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5pm.


For over thirty years, we have been devoted to the representation of paintings, sculpture, photography and other art forms created by New Mexico-based artists.

We have worked and played to create a special spirit here, one that speaks to the importance of Art and Community. We are interested in meaningful dialogue, and original ideas. Our mission, (my mission), is the never-ending search for and rescue of Truth and Beauty. It may sound boastful or silly or not germane to the business of running a contemporary art gallery in the 21st century, but, that's it for me.

As part of this ongoing search and rescue (lo these several decades) we have exhibited the art that defines us by participating in more than forty art exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad. We have made friends with curators, museum directors, artists, collectors, gallerists and others who swim, skip or tip toe through the wild and unpredictable thicket that is the Art World. As the world turns and we wrestle with problems, situations and conditions that may or may not be within our control, I invite you to contact us and to consider what is on our walls, in our sculpture 'gardens' and on our website.

I believe we all have an opportunity to improve our lives and to elevate our spirits through the fascinating activity of looking at (exploring) art, of seeing what is there, and of embracing and choosing what is truly valid to us, what moves us. Neither time, nor money should keep us from finding a personal way of participating in the world of Art. It is important to consider that Art can create bridges of understanding between all sorts of groups, everywhere. It is my abiding belief that real art has within it the power to heal, to inspire, to comfort.

-Linda Durham


David Kimball Anderson, Victoria Bell, Richard Berman, Greg Erf, Lawrence Fodor, James Havard, Richard Hogan, Martin Cary Horowitz, Robert Kelly, Lucy Maki, Stacey Neff, Dana Newmann, Eugene Newmann, Terri Rolland, Laura Scandrett, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Yozo Suzuki, Erika Wanenmacher


Yozo Suzuki
at Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Preview by Alex Ross
Fascinated with the logic of time, Yozo Suzuki, his new installation calls to mind a guillotine on wood blocks

Past Editorial

Yozo Suzuki
Meow Wolf
Orlando Leibovitz
James Havard


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