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Robert Walker
Jason Vass Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Genie Davis

Robert Walker, “Vertnig,” 2017, ink, acrylic and enamel, 20 x 16 x 1”

Robert Walker’s exhibition, titled “Rhebis,” is all color and motion, abstract work in a variety of mediums that pulls us into an exciting and often vibrant world. Exploring 15 years of Walker’s work, forms and images are contrived to reveal the interconnected nature of the world. Evoking Walker’s own practice of meditation, these are deeply interior works that invite contemplation. In “Asterisk,” a web-like composition of nylon netting, resin and pigment in silver, grey, and red all mesh. The material forms a circle within a square that calls to mind cell-forms and the building blocks of life. In the vividly colored “Vertnig,” ink, acrylic and enamel make up a series of wonderful oblongs, squares and rectangles that shine like jewels. Some works are spinning and kaleidoscopic expanding universes. Ribbons of color eked out from stacked, thick paint are the medium of “Good Radar.” Here, the carved acrylic on wood creates a dazzling, hypnotic image. “Captcha” is an even more dimensional work using the same technique; the image seems almost to move, and is very much alive. The precise nature of Walker’s lines and forms is difficult to nail down; the wonder of seeing turning into believing is part of the pleasure in this encompassing exhibition.

Jason Vass

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