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Adam Silverman
Cherry and Martin, Culver City, California
by Jody Zellen

Adam Silverman, “Ghosts” installation view, 2017, stoneware pots, wood plank and cinderblocks

Continuing through January 20, 2018

One of the many striking things about Adam Silverman's exhibition, “Ghosts," is the giant circular cut into the wall that normally divides the gallery. A large dark wooden plank, supported by cinderblocks, diagonally cuts across the space and through the hole in the wall. Elegantly poised and irregularly shaped Stoneware pots sit along the length of the plank. These vessels are modest in size and caked with earth-toned glazes. Each has its own personality and quirky design.

The line of pots draw our gaze as they move toward the hole in the wall and out the other side. In the back half of the gallery, Silverman presents three floor based ceramic sculptures as well as a wall mounted stoneware, steel and wood panel displaying arrow-like shapes in a simple mandala/flower shaped pattern. While Silverman's architectural intervention is striking, it is the subtle details of his pottery that holds the eye.

Philip Martin Gallery

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