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Andrea Bowers
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Andrea Bowers, installation view, 2017, mixed media

Continuing through July 16, 2017

Andrea Bowers is both an artist and an activist and many of her works engage with social and political issues — ranging from civil and worker's rights to the environment — in thought provoking ways. Bowers, in collaboration with the organization Food and Water Watch, has created a large-scale infographic that maps, in vivid colors, the relationship between the financial banking system and the construction of the Keystone Pipeline that is slated to run through Sioux lands and waters. 


Adjacent to this large data visualization Bowers also presents "Water is Life," an LED sculpture in three colors and languages. The third element of the installation are take-away ribbons silk-screened with multi-lingual slogans including: #divestla, People over Pipelines, Planet over Profits, No Fracking Way. Seeing visitors to the museum wearing these declarative statements attests to the power of the message as well as Bowers' ability to create art that embraces while going beyond strictly aesthetic concerns.

Hammer Museum at UCLA

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