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Steve Turner Contemporary, Hollywood, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Adam Henry, “Untitled (4RT2W),” 2016, synthetic polymers on linen mounted to panel, 15 x 12 3/4"

“CMYK" is a three-person exhibition featuring works by Adam Henry, G.T. Pellizzi and Joshua Saunders that explores the formal qualities of three colors — red, yellow and blue. Though the title refers to the standard printer’s shorthand for cyan, magenta, yellow and black (the K stands for “key,” meaning black ink), the artworks have more blue than cyan. That aside, it is nonetheless a thoughtful and well curated show. Pellizzi creates beautiful, lightly stained geometric forms tinted red, blue and yellow encased in a plywood rectangle, as well as compelling wall-based sculptures with color coated light bulbs that hang on the walls in metal armatures. Saunder's enamel on stainless steel works employ playful juxtapositions. Henry's paintings are also formal explorations of color relationships, in this instance between a dominant black circle and the colored hues that float behind it. Also on view are Phil Wagner's number paintings. These large scale, predominantly black and white works present lists of phone numbers culled from the Los Angeles phonebook followed by a series of dots. The juxtaposition calls attention to the beauty of random relationships.

Steve Turner

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