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Kendall Glover
Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by John Zotos

Kendall Glover, "Untitled (wafer #4)," 2015, rattan and raffia, 21 x 21 x 7". Courtesy Conduit Gallery

Continuing through June 25, 2016

Kendall Glover’s "Untitled Works" are a delightful collection of line driven and delicate art objects that bring together three distinct bodies of work. The earliest are abstract geometric drawings, with colored thread woven into linen and cotton supports, that bring to mind Suprematism and the paintings of Ellsworth Kelly. But instead of smooth, clean surfaces, Glover’s interest in texture places her at a remove from idealism or minimalism. Her palpable surfaces and the textile quality of the hanging cotton supports are clear references to the Bauhaus inspired textiles of Anni Albers.

Additionally, the shapes and forms throughout reference Native American textiles, with their repetitive patterns of significant geometries used in rituals. Other intriguing pieces are exemplified in a series of wall hanging sculptures that read as line drawings in space. These are handmade from rattan reed and raffia. Titled “wafer#1-4," these constructions form planes and volumes that define ellipses, parabolas, oblong circles and a host of other forms that stimulate the imagination. They contain an intuitive structure such that only one position prevails as the correct way to place them on the wall. The sense of volume signified by the interconnected lines is musical as in they engage in a meandering journey suggestive of infinity and strangeness, like a Mobius strip, taking the eye through an unlimited and unending visual pathway.

Conduit Gallery

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