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"Under 35, Part II"
Zane Bennett Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Iris McLister

Brandee Caoba, "Duende," 2013, mixed media, 60 x 48"

Continuing through February 15, 2014

"Under 35 Part II," is a selection of works by emerging artists that follows this gallery's inaugural “Part I” show in 2012. The four artists here have some sort of relationship to Santa Fe’s Institute of American Indian Arts; this is a connection that imbues extra significance to the works, which do not evoke an aesthetic associated with traditional Native American art. Moira Garcia uses Chine-collé, a printmaking technique wherein an image is transferred and bonded to a sturdy support. Her embossed photo intaglio "The Universe Inside," an abstract composition dominated by a wedge of indigo color, incorporates small shards of glass. Heidi Brandow's eclectic body of work includes both figurative and abstract elements. The mixed media-on-panel piece "Object: Hand+Mechanism" contains two opposing hands, embellished with some sort of mysterious alphanumeric coding and little mechanical bits.

Santa Fe-based artist Brandee Caoba’s practice incorporates photography, collage, and various other mediums to convey mysterious, ambiguous narratives. Both traditional printmaking methods and newer techniques are used in mixed-media works like "Duende," which employs striking chiaroscuro to highlight a muscular male figure, his face dramatically obscured by a mask. Sonya Kelliher-Combs’s roots in frigid Nome, Alaska perhaps translate into starkly organic works like the diptych "Putty Walrus Family Portrait 2." I was fascinated to find out that along with paper and polymer, Kelliher-Combs used walrus stomach and porcupine quills in this composition. "Under 35 Part II" provides a showcase to launch deserved public awareness of this quartet of intriguing young artists.

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art

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