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Oan Kim
at PYO Gallery LA, Downtown Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Jeannie R. Lee

Oan Kim, 'The River is Moving' (detail), photograph.

Too often photographs taken to capture late night partying bliss turn out to be a harsh dose of reality the morning after. It is not as easy as it appears to bring images of night-time revelry into the daylight, at least not without disintegrating the easy mood in which they were taken. Somehow the French-born Korean artist Oan Kim pulls it off. Using an arsenal of old-fashioned photography techniques, like double exposure and over-exposed blurs, Kim creates large black and white prints of fans, both enjoying the show and at the after-party. In “Fanfare” a man’s head is improbably horizontal to a marble tabletop. Nearly touching him is the mouth piece of a well-worn trumpet jutting out between somebody’s legs--while somebody else’s hand is pulling a cigarette from out of the unidentified trumpet player’s front jeans pocket. The number of hands reaching for smokes, clasping knees, and touching strangers--all in this single cramped shot—sums up the story of the collapsed sense of personal space that we have all experienced late at night.

Published courtesy of ArtScene ©2009

PYO Gallery LA

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