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Amanda Ross-Ho
Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
Recommendation by Robin Dluzen

Amanda Ross-Ho, ''Cradle of Filth,'' 2013, inkjet print on nylon foam, fusible interfacing, YKK zippers and sliders, cast urethane, various paints, schmuttz (dirt), acrylic paint, nylon webbing, nylon mesh, thread, 78 x 58 x 20''.


Continuing through June 22, 2013


From a teenage girl’s backpack found hanging on a dumpster, Chicago-born, LA-based artist Amanda Ross-Ho has manifested an entire body of work. In her typical fashion, Ross-Ho has had the inspirational object re-manufactured on a massive scale; “CRADLE OF FILTH” is covered in what appears to be Magic Marker doodles and rock music references, sporting outsized zipper pulls and enormous plastic buckles. Up close, the pixelation of the backpack’s printed fabric is evident, illustrating a level of remove from the found object it mimics.


Accompanying the sculpture is a series of acrylic paintings on canvases that have been dyed to resemble the hue of washed-out blue jeans. The paintings too are covered with various notations and symbols, the paint bleeding onto the surface like a felt tip pen on denim. While the imagery on the backpack retains some aura of adolescent spontaneity, the canvases bear the careful compositions of a cool, intellectual art practice, and at a consumable sized 24 x 18 inches, these feel rather like souvenirs of the spectacle that is “CRADLE OF FILTH.” 

Shane Campbell Gallery

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