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Pascal Pierme
galleryFRITZ, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Amanda Malloy

Pascal Pierme, "Silver Line 2," 2018, mixed media, 44 x 44"

Continuing through October 26, 2018

Hylê is a philosophical term for form or matter, specifically, objects that have been molded from their raw material for some purpose or another. When Pascal Pierme learned of this concept, he felt that it was a perfect summation of his sculptural work. Pierme explains, “Very much like the scientists, researchers, and engineers, I find the driving force of my work consumed in the research, development, and consequences of my process ‘What will happen if I mix this with that…?’” The results in his current exhibition, “Hylê Forever,” are a sensuous and balanced exploration of geometric abstraction and organic form.

Most of the pieces in “Hylê Forever” are contained within a square or rectangular space, but they have a three dimensional quality. Using fine woods, resins, and materials of his own creation, the subtle curves and swells reveal hidden pops of color and tiny microcosms of geometric shapes. Other works are composed of multiple thin wooden vertical elements which are organized into formal unity. Connected by Pierme’s use of earth tones and soft pastels, the wooden slabs curve and bend to create a unique form when viewed at every angle. This body of work possesses a geological quality, as if they were produced by the earth millenia ago, the result of time and compression.

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