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Catherine J. Davis
Filter Photo, Chicago, Illinois
Recommendation by Robin Dluzen

Catherine J. Davis, "SOLD, Galveston, TX," 2016, archival inkjet print, 40 x 32"

Continuing through July 21, 2018

In “The Third Coast,” Dallas-based Catherine J. Davis documents the realities of the U.S. Gulf Coast between Florida and Texas. Her landscapes tell a unique story about the relationships between water and land, and between humans and nature unique to this region. Ironically, this is skillfully done though photographs that are notably devoid of people, save for a handful appearing as details within dormant environments. Davis’ pieces are glimpses of the everyday, chronicling as they do storms and tourist seasons.

The wooden bones of a new building are being constructed on stilts in “SOLD, Galveston, TX.” A lone figure is perched among the branches and Spanish Moss of an enormous tree in “Etienne de Bore Oak, New Orleans, LA.” Both convey the anxiety surrounding unstable ground and unpredictably rising waters. An image of a rocky shoreline with murkily submerged pipelines is in stark contrast to an interior shot of a resort’s impeccable indoor pool, replete with a gazebo and tropical plants. While each of these images feels halted in the present, they also embody a kind of anticipation: for travelers to return, for rebuilding, and of course the weather, for better or worse.

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