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Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal and Tim Rowan
William Siegal Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Iris McLister

Tim Rowan, “#1474,” 2014, wood fired ceramic, 8 x 32 x 3”

Continuing through June 23, 2015

Tim Rowan and Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal work in disparate mediums (wood-fired ceramics and paintings, respectively) but their work is curiously united in its earthy colors and organic sensibilities. The show's title, "A Stone's Throw", is a punny nod to Rowan's work, whose industrially neutral ceramic sculptures indeed look as if they were somehow thrown in stone rather than clay. “#1468" is a half-moon of twisted, hand-harvested clay, whose gray and pale-tan surface heats up to a reddish brown at the creases. With its overlapping folds and smiling shape, it looks like a croissant made of concrete. “#1407" is similarly crescent-shaped, but its texture is gritty and uneven, covered with tiny pock marks. It resembles an errant hunk of construction material, a twisted and gnarled concrete brick.

Mexican-born painter Cuspinera Madrigal makes marvelously haunting, sometimes-abstract glimpses of landscapes, rendered in approachable, soft shades of moss green and charcoal grey. The titular tree in "El Arbol" is presented in fuzzy cream and beige; just beyond it is a row of distant, similarly hued trees, whose spindly branches hint at a brilliant, gold-foiled sky beyond. Rowan and Madrigal complement each other with work that is essentially and effortlessly organic.

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