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“Temporal Domain”
Gerald Peter Gallery, Peters Projects, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Hannah Hoel

James Lee Byars, “The Philosophical Nail,” 1986, gilded iron, 10 3/4 × 1 1/4 × 1 1/4”.

Continuing through August 23, 2014

"Temporal Domain” is made up of a roster of blue-chip artists whose work has little in common formally but does share an underlying tone of spirituality. More specifically, all the artists have ties to New Mexico: Lynda Benglis, Harmony Hammond, Agnes Martin, James Lee Byars, John McCracken and Roxy Paine, each with several pieces in the show.


"On a Clear Day" (1973) is Martin’s contemplative portfolio of thirty grids earns a room of its own. The individual screen-prints fade in and out of the collective grid based on the variables of line in each 12 inch square print. Benglis’ "Pi Tangerine" (2009) is a tinted polyurethane wall sculpture that confidently resembles explosive, tantalizing, tangerine gummy bears. Hammond’s oiled-up paintings reiterate her signature canvases wrought with holes and bandages. “Traveller" (2005), a McCracken plank in luscious magenta, casually and iconically leans up against the wall. Byars’ ink scribbles on gold paper are small framed works that echo ephemeral perfectionism. Paine’s "Greasy Universe” displays elegantly measured mapping layered in ink lines on paper. Taken as a whole this group show is both educational and opulent.

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