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Daniel Bauer
Alderman Exhibitions, Chicago, Illinois
Recommendation by Robin Dluzen

Daniel Bauer, ''Kupferdistanz,'' 2013, 55 x 70 1/2''. Edition of 3 plus 1 AP


Continuing through July 20, 2013


Chicago- and Israel-based artist Daniel Bauer digitally manipulates his photographs, but the artist’s manner of layering long exposure shots remains almost undetectable to the viewer. The process sharpens Bauer’s imagery while simultaneously infusing the subject matter with a stillness that cannot be found in the fleeting moment of a snapshot. The objects, interiors and urban landscapes in Bauer’s photos of Israel bear the markings of time and human activity, but are notably void of the figure.


In “Grandmother’s Room, Blue,” the inside of a home is painted a crisp blue mottled with seeping stains, the room lived-in, tidy and anonymous. “Baqa” features an unremarkable section of empty street, and “Kupferdistanz” turns the alluringly patina-ed copper doors common to many of the region’s homes into an abstract picture. In “Untitled (Mazeh)” viewers must squint into the dusky night, where the deserted sidewalk and empty bike stands prompt one to wonder about the lives of the absent citizens that have traversed this lonely scene.  

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