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Anna Hepler
Suyama Space, Seattle, Washington
Recommendation by Adriana Grant

Continuing through August 5, 2011

A multi-segmented, floral-like sculpture hangs from the ceiling, a jolt of pink against the worn wood and white-walled gallery. Based in Portland, Maine, Anna Hepler employs found sheet plastic to create sculptures that riff on actual drawings, inflating and deflating to become their own seam-delineated construction plans. This is quite fitting for a gallery space located within architectural offices.

Depending on when you visit, you might encounter a starburst-like sculptural installation with long limbs that reach vertically to the ceiling; or a less exuberant figure with finger-like segments hanging down; or a slumping, airless mass of drooping plastic. The visible seams of \"Bloom\" mimic the frame of a building. Alternating between flatness and a turgid volumetric fullness, one cannot help but think of architectural drawings transformed from blueprint to built structure. This is a striking work that demands a bit of patience given its varied formal states. “Bloom” inflates every fifteen minutes; stick around to witness the action.

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