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Linda Hutchins
at Pulliam Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Eva Lake

Continuing through July 2, 2011

Linda Hutchins is known for her explorations of repetitive and serial approaches to Minimalism, relying on a variety of homespun methods and materials that set her style apart. In "Back to Basics" the artist likens her aesthetic to school tablets and charts, celebrating a stark yet gentle simplicity in black and white.
Hutchins here revisits a body of work she exhibited several years ago, in which she created common household items that were hand sewn in sheer gaze. The artist made photograms of a few chosen pieces - a hammer head, a chord, a cup and an egg. These photograms were translated into a paper negative which then became the scanned image. Those images form the basis of half the current exhibition. Some pieces present a single element while others are a montage. Considering the layers and steps away from the original, the details in these prints are particularly fine and fresh. In "Morse Code 1-2-3," Hutchins uses the charts for numbers in Morse Code as a springboard for an ordered view. The purposeful regularity feels stately like a flag but also tender in its precision.
This exhibition also includes a series of India ink drawings in which lines are repeated to create a gauzelike effect not dissimilar to her sculptures of a few years ago. As with all of Hutchins' work, these drawings reveal a graceful rhythm and determined patience that is both dense and delicate.

Pulliam Gallery

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