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Cecilia Miguez
at Louis Stern Fine Arts, 
West Hollywood, California
Recommendation by Margarita Nieto

Continuing through April 23, 2011

Capturing us in their space and spelling out their mysterious and silent secrets stories, Cecilia Miguez's "Poetic Forms" again transcend the barriers between ordinary reality and mythological worlds. In "Catching the Winds I and II" two female figures test their elongated, delicate dragonfly wings, their arms reaching and stretching towards imminent flight. In "Roulette" a silvery female figure rises out of a carved wood roulette wheel, contemplating the fortune or future that the turn of the wheel will bring.

In "The Gaze" an enigmatic figure encased in sheets of bronze and wearing a tall pointed hat makes eye contact from behind her white mask: what secrets does she hide? A silvery procession of female bodies bearing deer heads with antlers turn toward each other, questioning and appraising their transformation in "Burning Question." As in her previous shows, Miguez's sculptures reveal the elegant finesse of a world of magical mystification in finely modulated figures that find completion through found objects, carved wood and astounding patinas.

Louis Stern Fine Arts

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