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Chiappa / Long / Wood
at Francois Ghebaly Culver City, California
Recommendation by Michael Shaw

Continuing through April 2, 2011

As cleverness goes, this show - a collaboration consisting of three artists from New York's Kate Werble Gallery - is especially satisfying in its inventiveness. Christopher Chiappa makes the most spectacular impression: "McMiracles" is an inkjet print diptych featuring a man sitting casually beside his immaculately-inspired creations: a gravity-defying hamburger arc in one, and a skull carved out of french fries in the other. He continues to mine consumer culture - and literal arcs - in "Speed Stick," in which the particular type of semi-transparent green substance that makes up a Speed Stick deodorant arcs, rainbow-like, from one canister to another.  

Gareth Long's two large-scale lenticular prints - in which the image changes based on where you move in relation to it - rest vertically on the floor, and merge abstraction with advertising/pop visuals to an intriguingly sculptural effect. Sarah Wood's untitled nunchucks, after the other two artists, come off as Carl Andre-style minimalism. Its subtlety makes her work a tough fit n this context. Still, the trio brings a fresh take on conceptual object-hood, a niche which always seems to stick around.

Francois Ghebaly

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