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at MOCA, Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Diane Calder

Latin American artists interest in light and space actually predated LA's breakthrough movement, as 'Suprasensorial' demonstrates, and to generally good effect.

Predating the light and space movement in California by a decade or more, “Suprasensorial” is comprised of five large scale environments by Latin American artists designed to fully engage viewers in the sensual. These will shake you out of any winter doldrums. Gaze up at the oversized neon drawing in space by Lucio Fontana. Dance through Jesús Rafael Soto’s penetrable hanging string installation. Rejoice in Julio Le Parc’s sparkling, mirrored, low-tech environment. Allow color juxtapositions to merge in your mind as you move from room to room, acting as an agent in the completion of Carlos Cruz Diez’s saturation orchestration. Bring your swimsuit, or rent one from the bookstore so you can immerse yourself in a heated pool modeled after Hélio Oiticica and Neville D\'Almeida ‘70s original. It is ringed with shimmering lights and book-ended by wall projections of John Cage’s music manuscripts topped with lines of cocaine. Who knew that light and space could be so captivating? 

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