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Laura Mackin
at Half/Dozen Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Eva Lake

Continuing through February 19, 2011

In "Time Enough," Laura Mackin utilizes a relative's home movie archive, which spanned across over 50 years, most of it shot in the Pacific Northwest. The artist created videos and collages out of the stills. The results are simultaneously clinical and intimate, distant yet homey. Upon entering the gallery we are assaulted by "Zoom," a sharply edited video of nothing but zoom shots of people, places, animals and insects. Exhausting and relentless, "Zoom" feels like a brisk ride down a rushing river with an ever-changing landscape. The exhilaration is immediate; there's no waiting and wondering. Compared to most video art the demand of time and attention is minimal, which is interesting when you consider the title of this exhibition. The intensity of "Zoom" has us alternately looking away for a breather and returning to find something new with each viewing. "Time Enough" also offers small, repetitive montages of sunsets and other elements out of the home movie archive. They are promising and classical, arranged totem-like on the walls.

Half/Dozen Gallery

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