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Even Younger Than Jesus
at Robischon Gallery, Denver, Colorado
Recommendation by Gabe Scott

Continuing through December 31, 2010

\"EYTJ (Even Younger Than Jesus)\" features an assortment of already well known emerging artists, none more than 33 years old (the accepted age at which the Christian messiah was crucified), among which is a noteworthy amount of work in digital media. Highlights include New Yorker William Lamson\'s dual-channel video installation titled \"A Line Describing the Sun.\" This piece follows a two day performance by the artist, who attached a lens to a rolling vehicle that steadily focused the rays of the sun onto a dry lake bed in the California desert. The result was the creation of a 1,600 degree point which fused the dirt into a black glass line over the course of time. Another strong contribution comes from Denver artist Derrick Velasquez. Referencing minimalist paintings and fiber works of the 1960\'s and 70\'s, these wall relief pieces are constructed from the base of a single pine board. These boards are used by the artist to stack layers of colored vinyl, simultaneously creating a beautiful sculptural object with a compelling control of palette.

Also on view is a solo show of stunning large scale digital photographs by Chinese artist Chi Peng. Two series of deeply contemplative images address themes of individual identity in a technologically dominated world and its impending contradictions of expansive freedoms. Both the \'\'Catcher in the Rye\'\' from 2 years past and the more recent \'\'Mood is Never Better Than Memory\'\' display the artist\'s sustained immersion in this theme.

Robischon Gallery

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