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Shepard Fairey
at Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by G. James Daichendt

Continuing through October 16, 2010

"Printed Matters" is a jam-packed tour that features an impressive number of works that propagate the importance of the printed form. The multiplicity of printmaking and its ready availability (both visually and physically) links conceptually to Shepard Fairey's political agenda as a street artist. Replication and distribution are cast as important concepts in "Freedom of the Press," which features a vintage printing press rolling off his stark and symbolically latent "Obey Giant" graphic. This image has become a cultural phenomenon, evoking a political philosophy that asks the viewer to question their surroundings.

The ubiquitous presence Fairey has impressed on pop culture is telling, as his work has invaded art, commercial and most famously political avenues. This energy triumphantly continues into the installation, as there is familiarity in certain images in addition to a few new takes on landscape and portraiture. Ultimately, the strength of Fairey's work does not derive from the initial images themselves but through their combined and holistic power. The artist uses the strengths of the print medium to question and challenge the imposing digital world. The rich surfaces and presence of the images gain power through this exposure as they are recognized upon first glance, but require more contemplation to unravel.

Subliminal Projects

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