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Trenton Doyle Hancock
Dunn and Brown Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Charissa Terranova

Continuing through October 23, 2010

The collages, paintings, drawings, and now sculpture of Trenton Doyle Hancock connect to narratives written by the artist. They are fancies in abstract diction and concept. This exhibition finds Hancock terse in his verbiage and brash in his form. Part of a Biblical verse from the book of John, \"Work while it is day\" are the only words painted on the wall. When coupled with the art at hand, they make for an ambiguous memento mori.

\"You Are A Liar And The Truth Is NOT In You\" is a large mixed-media work hanging on the wall. A pair of tombstones function at once as fore- and background for a raining-down of collagiste forms. One is in pink and the other in black, and together they bear the words of the ominous title. Small and large swatches of fabric, some with impasto others without, vie with drawings in graphite and pink teardrops fashioned from the negative cut-outs of a layer of black canvas on top. Bringing home the theme of deathly fate, \"Color Coffin\" sits on the floor, a coffin-shaped open chest. Each drawer holds a batch of brightly colored plastic castaways, so many modern day relics.

Dunn and Brown Contemporary

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