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'Wall Installations'
at William Griffin Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Continuing through August 14, 2010

\"Wall Installations\" is a stunning group exhibition presenting works by Teresita Fernandez, Kira Lynn Harris, Maya Lin, Richard Long, Karin Sander, James Turrell, Robert Therrien and Peter Wegner that in more cases than not, are painted on or embedded into the wall. Exhibitions featuring site specific works like this are bold in that the works exist only for the duration of the show, and to be acquired or seen again must be recreated. Galleries do not often stage exhibitions with multiple artists making temporary works, and besides this fact what makes this show stand out is how beautifully the works look together and how they inform and enhance each other\'s content.

Wegner\'s \"BLAZING SUN / SUMMER SUNSET\" presents an expanse of two colors, yellow and orange, accompanied by their color names. When seen in relation to Karin Sander\'s almost invisible glossy white rectangle and Lin\'s \"The Tuolumne River,\" depicted by inserting thousands of pins into the wall, a landscape theme clearly begins to emerge. The experience of a typical Richard Long walk is represented in words; while Fernandez\' circular compositions are readily seen as the Earth during night and day. Harris brings us back indoors with fragments of the Bradbury building\'s interior as chalk drawings on a black wall. The gallery\'s large space gives each work room to breath. Most of these works have a strong individual presence, but it is in the context of one another that they truly resonate.

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