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Meow Wolf
at Linda Durham Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Kathryn M. Davis

Continuing through July 3, 2010

Can\'t find that old afghan that you swiped from your granny\'s couch ages ago? How about your fuzzy green rug, your ribbon-trimmed umbrella, or, for that matter, granny\'s couch itself? Odds are good the folks of Meow Wolf, an artist collective with bighearted parameters when it comes to allowing others into its practice, added your missing stuff to their \"16-foot geodesic dome covered with objects of every kind, including electronic and movable parts, some with interactive aspects,\" as described on the gallery\'s web site.

The dome\'s sheer exuberance is worth the trip to see it. Making sense of it is about as relevant as explaining why, to a young child, he or she should build a \"fort\" with blankets over the kitchen table; just hand over the blankies and let \'em have at it. A collaborative venture without a power structure, Meow Wolf bases its projects and programs on whimsy and the sagacity of having fun. Perhaps quoting a portion of their mission statement here will assist readers in understanding the gist of Meow Wolf: \"Our mission, as best as I can tell, much less explain, is to work together to build wild, beautiful, unexpected environments .... As individual artists we tend towards brilliant colors and obsessive details, which, when we all work together, often result in the truly ridiculous.\"

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