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Wid B. Vicious
at Chambers@916, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by Richard Speer

Continuing through June 19, 2010

Best known for his abstract digital prints created with 1980s-era computer programs, multimedia artist Wid B. Vicious has updated his technological arsenal to produce an ambitious, eye-popping installation. For "Wid B. Vicious Works the Room"he began with two graphite-on-paper drawings he created, which he then digitally scanned, manipulated, and converted into vector drawings using contemporary image-editing software. He greatly enlarged the drawings' compositional elements and had them fabricated into planes of urethane foam. After spray-painting these components with acrylics, he installed them along both walls of the gallery.

The pieces, "Flight" and "AC/TV," are each a whopping 11 feet high and 23 feet long, and each is layered such that the planes protrude from the wall at varying depths, imparting a striking three-dimensionality. The imagery - sweeping arcs and dots of bold primary colors - evokes grasses, bubbles, sea plants, and ornamental scrolls. At the end of their journey from drawing to sculpture, the pieces exude irrepressible energy and panache.

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