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Orna Feinstein
at Craighead-Green Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Patricia Mora

Continuing through June 12, 2010

One thing is certain: Orna Feinstein\'s monoprints are about perception and movement. Viewing her work isn\'t unlike peering in a pool to catch a glimpse of something lodged at the bottom of the deep end. Things undulate and morph and the viewer is left contemplating the manner in which we perceive. On a more pedestrian level, this is all accomplished via a technique of layering: plexi over prints. It\'s her signature modus operandi and it gives us plenty to contemplate. The artist reflects on Nature on a grand scale and the marvelous world that circulates deep within - at the cellular level. She speaks of trees and physics with ease and derives inspiration from all aspects of the world we all inhabit. However, Feinstein presents it to us in a way that shows it to us in repetitive, even meditative, patterns geared to throw us into a reverie, raising questions about the manner in which we apprehend it. In short, she creates a new reality where the external and the internal, the organic and the geometric, become unified into a balanced composition.

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