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Bart Esposito
at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles
Recommendation by Michael Shaw

Continuing through June 12, 2010

With \"Bends\" Bart Exposito continues to develop his work in a more nuanced direction, with the inclusion of pastels and softer, gradated backgrounds, evolving from the more aggressively flat, imposingly graphic work of earlier in the decade. It\'s a refinement that\'s still not without an abundance of hard edges, and the cascades of thick black lines outlining various curving triangles, rectangles and elongated half circles that inevitably conjure stained glass. The stained glass \'panes\' are in turn set off by flat grey expanses on one side, and relatively atmospheric strokes of pastel on the other (with the exception of  \"Yellow,\" which has the flat grey on either side of its \'bend\'). More elegant than ever, the resulting panes jut and spike, ascend and descend, and play off of each other along gracefully curving central arcs. Contrary to the likely presumptions, Exposito\'s images are not fully mapped out in Illustrator and then simply executed; rather, the images evolve over numerous decisions and alterations, and this process is particularly evident here.

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