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Homare Ikeda
at Van Straaten Gallery, Denver, Colorado
Recommendation by Leanne Haase Goebel

There is something playful about the work of Homare Ikeda. His effusive and colorful paintings are filled with layers of organic shapes and symbols. Ikeda’s current exhibition features a selection of large acrylic, wax and oil paintings that are vivid and of the same intense tonality. They often feature clunky, pseudo organic shapes and layouts that are intentionally off-balance and uneven in a Wabi Sabi aesthetic. The work is lyrical and dark. The exhibition also features watercolor, ink drawings and monotypes through which the artist continues to transform nature into art. Exploring contrasts of yin and yang, thick and thin, open and closed, the artist creates atmospheric and primordial vertical “landscapes.” Some appear to be underwater, others ethereal and still others almost microscopic. Ikeda creates art that fuses Neo-expressionism with Pat Steir-like drips, along with Japanese influences through line, form, and composition. The result is a compelling and layered visual exploration.

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