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Heather Brown
at Parker Jones Gallery, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA
Recommendation by MS

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In a delightful show made up predominantly of ink on paper drawings, Heather Brown shows a poetic Matisse-ian touch, with a bit of Saul Steinberg sprinkled in. Simple depictions of faces and clusters of nudes carry a charged psychology yet remain somewhat cryptic. “An Affair to Remember 5,” one of three from a series shown here, is a loose grid of nine heads, each of whose hair is formed by cutting out the paper around the face, creating a wig-like effect that, combined with the curious eyes of many of its inhabitants, is discomforting in its intensity, though not without comic relief. “Calendar” is another standout, a days-of-the-month procession of naked men and women discussing and fighting, together and apart in an unruly, fast and loose amalgamation of relationship drama. It’s an orgy of emotions without the sex. Untitled works are more literally sexual, but full of introspection. Brown lures you in without smothering, a precisely balanced tactic that leaves plenty of room for charm.

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