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Carol Brown Goldberg
David Richard Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommendation by Iris McLister


Continuing through May 4, 2013


Washington D.C.-based artist Carol Brown Goldberg has said that her latest paintings were inspired by physics and the cosmos, and, indeed many of them ring with formulaic qualities and transportive magic. Most are quite large in size, but, where other monumental abstract paintings can feel aggressive, Goldberg’s compositions draw us into spaces that are both unabashedly strange and welcoming. Luminous paint, made more dazzling by the frequent inclusion of crushed glass, seems to radiate off of her canvases: "NT 1," with its darkened center and faceted surface texture, is like a portal into something ominous and infinite.


In "NT 22" red and white dendrites of paint shoot across a shadowy, brown-black canvas. The brackish background is overlaid with rows of rhomboidal, dusky grey forms. The work is foreboding yet attractive, as energetic ribbons of red and white transposed over such structured — yet elusive — forms is downright hypnotic in its otherworldliness. Goldberg’s paintings forge energetic interactions between color and shape in surprising, space-age arrangements, creating environments that are evocative and ineffable. 

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