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Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas
Recommendation by Donna Tennant


Continuing through March 16, 2013


Step into the gallery foyer and you are greeted by six dried, long-stemmed roses twirling gracefully to greet us. They set the mood for a dynamic installation of works by eight young Colombian artists in the large central gallery and adjacent hall. Small video monitors with headphones display drawings in process accompanied by sound. A pair of black shoes titled “Samba” is wired to a motor that makes them clatter and “dance” at frequent intervals. “The Elephant’s Journey” creates the audible narration of a journey with multiple audio speakers and drawings. Not all of the work, however, involves video or sound; there are delicate collages, some digital, and witty constructions as well.


Colombian curator María Iovino has been working with young Colombian artists for more than a decade. The eight selected for this show reinterpret and update the long tradition of drawing in Latin America. She notes in her statement that the core of the show is “connection, the encounter and its implications.” Iovino describes the work as “technology imbued with a special poetics,” which she regards as standing in opposition to the overt political issues that preoccupied Latin American artists during the latter half of the twentieth century. This multi-media installation is innovative in both concept and presentation.

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