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Kim Fisher
International Art Objects, Culver City, California
Recommendation by Michael Shaw


Continuing through February 16, 2013


Kim Fisher's oeuvre addresses the painting as object; one particularly memorable flourish from past work entailed allowing excess canvas to bunch up at the corners, as if wrapping it around and stapling it down would be too confining. This latest grouping – a series of just over 3-foot square painting constructions, all given the primary title of "Magazine Painting" – appear to be torn fragments from something like CMYK-type magazine pages that are reproduced in airbrush gradations and mounted onto frames stretched with black-dyed linen. 


The mounted wedges — often abstractions born out of design layouts on a magazine page — but also image-based passages ranging from polka dot patterns to landscapes to snippets of text — become taxidermied digital ephemera; we follow their journey from digital production to printed layout to the artist's own digital editing and finally to the resultant painted swatch. The multi-media vibe is further enhanced by cut printed paper segments that are installed amidst the paintings, highlighting the micro-macro focus both of sourcing and of image generations. Though less explosive than past work, the series, titled "Angus," is a thoughtful and stylish liaison with the analog page.


Published courtesy of ArtSceneCal ©2013

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