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Justin Cooper
moniquemeloche, Chicago, Illinois
Recommendation by Robin Dluzen


Continuing through December 29, 2012


New York-based artist Justin Cooper is known for slapstick-style humor in his work, though in his current exhibition, titled ”Board,” the work is not so much blatantly goofy as it is playful and lighthearted. Cooper encourages viewers to interpret the show’s one-word title through all its possible definitions and homophones, lending a subtle conceptual link amongst the works that already embody an obvious formal connection.


Using pens, markers and colored pencils, the artist fills his works on paper with all-over compositions of amoeba-like shapes, abstracted figures or radiating patterns. "Ooze," the sculptural installation that anchors the exhibition, is a network of white PVC pipes with black trash bags poking out through small holes punched throughout. From the bored hand of the doodler, to the holes bored in the PVC, Cooper’s pieces in “Board” may vastly differ in material, but they share a fresh aesthetic with some serious craftsmanship and delightfully unserious wordplay.

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